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I love America and all that it has to offer! I know the American Dream exists and can be achieved as I am a product of that dream. While I love our country, I recognize we have room for improvement. Alabama deserves leaders who will work for our communities, families, individuals and businesses. Alabama deserves leaders who work hard to find common-sense solutions that utilize all of our resources to solve the problems of today. Most of all, Alabama deserves leaders who will "dare to defend" the rights of our residents. 

As your next Alabama Representative, I will be a leader who represents you. I will stand up and defend the rights of all and the US Constitution. I will work with others to find common-sense solutions that will put families and businesses first, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future. I will never forget that I work for you! Please partner with me as we strive to form a "more perfect Union" by voting for me on May 24, 2022.


Families First

Families are the basic foundation of our communities, our workforce and our businesses. We put families first as we find solutions in helping them gain access to affordable health care and housing, education and infrastructure.

  • I support competition and price transparency in health care that enables consumers to find the best solution for their situation

  • I support housing solutions that reduce the stress and strain on families emotional and financial well-being.

  • I believe education is a State responsibility and should be a partnership between State educators and parents. I support school choice and am interested in promoting legislation that will improve and enhance our educational system for all Alabama students.

  • A bright future is dependent upon strong infrastructure solutions that anticipate future needs. I support policies that effectively plan and provide for strong infrastructure systems such as water, energy, transportation and communications.



Alabama needs leaders. People who are willing to do the right thing because it is right, not just because it is popular. Alabama needs leaders who lead by example, promote unity and inclusion, and are willing to help all they represent.

  • I support and am appreciative of all our first responders, including health care workers, military and law enforcement.

  • I support initiatives and efforts that promote mutual understanding and respect for all people.

  • I support initiatives whose goals are to promote improvements and transparency within our government entities.

  • I believe government works best when led by servant leaders



Freedom is essential to achieving  happiness. The role of government should be a partnership between those elected to lead and the people who grant them power. Government entities should be held accountable for their actions.

  • I support the US Constitution and stand for individual freedom and responsibility.

    • More specifically, I support the right to worship, free speech and to bear arms.​​​

  • I am against government over-reach in all forms including mandates from any level of government and the elimination of Constitutional rights.

  • I believe the government has a moral obligation to be fiscally responsible and protect revenue collected through the tax base.

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