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A Contract with District 4

Governmental transparency and accountability are essential to true progress that enables us, as a people, to strengthen communities and families. Unfortunately, we live in a time where these two critical elements are almost non-existent. If elected, I want to give you a clear picture of what you can expect from me, as I represent our district. Below outlines five areas of how I will lead and the partnership you can expect from me as we work together to strengthen our communities.

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Partnership Government – A successful government includes active participation from those who lead as well as those whom are served

  • Courageously advocate for the needs/desires of District 4

  • Available information in the format of quarterly townhalls, digital reports, and updates on social media

  • Open door policy to discuss concerns, issues and ideas of all citizens including implementation of a feedback/complaint portal

  • Active listening (via direct communication, civic meetings, etc.) to better understand ongoing problems as well as successes in the district. This will include quarterly lunches with Sheila events and Legislative feedback surveys, before and after each session, just to name a few


Leadership – Leadership is having the courage to create an environment where others can achieve and succeed

  • Utilize a family budget lens and stand up for zero-based budgeting changes

  • Support measures that increase oversight and fiscal responsibility while preventing fraud and waste

  • Consider current best-practices and prepare for next “pandemic” to ensure state readiness to better manage emergencies

  • Ensure election laws are secure and honest

  • Protect Alabama’s state rights from overreach of Federal Government with meaningful, actionable legislation


Family Success – Successful families are the key to thriving communities

  • Support parents/guardians in determining value-oriented content in public schools

  • Support legislation that provides parents/guardians the ability to choose best learning environment for their children (e.g., School Choice Bill)

  • Support affordable childcare initiatives

  • Support market-proof solutions for affordable housing

  • Make family-focused resources and tools more accessible to families in need such as relationship courses, parenting courses and counseling


Health and Well-being – A prosperous society requires healthy individuals and families

  • Support state-wide initiatives that make health care more affordable and available (i.e., direct primary care, leveraging tele-medicine)

  • Support mental health facilities and programs including mental health courts

  • Increase awareness and access to mental health resource


Economic Stewardship – A healthy economy is one where government has a limited role in economic affairs

  • Support and protect laws that protect private property rights

  • Support government de-regulation to enable small businesses to prosper

  • Support ongoing efforts of infrastructure improvements including internet connectivity and road improvements

  • Support scalable innovations that strengthen the economy and are environmentally responsible

  • Support legislation that minimizes and/or eliminates taxes (e.g., grocery tax)

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